A Modern proven Drug Testing Solution on a cell phone
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A Modern proven Drug Testing Solution on a cell phone

A Modern proven Drug Testing Solution on a cell phoneProgram Name : Maxx Analytix GlobalDrugs of Abuse testingDrug Testing solution incorporates both hardware and software components.The hardware is the urine rapid drug test device cup and the software isthe proprietary secure encrypted Data IT Platform: The urine cup rapid-testdevice delivers results in less than a minute and with a proprietary cell phoneapplication, those results are collected and securely stored on-premise for theclient or in a secure cloud where they can then be accessed by any authorizedthird-party in a matter of seconds. The system can be tailored for each clientand can test for the most prevalent drugs. The Data IT Platform provides asimple way for Governments, Drug Enforcement Agencies, Companies andClinics to conduct secure, fair, tamper-proof drug testing programs,managing and integrating drug testing and rehabilitation.When the safety ring is removed the specimen can be easily collected.When the Cup lid is fully screwed down the drug test is activated andresults provided in less than a minute. The cups triple chamber rapid-testdevice is a self-contained urine test cup that does not require the tester topour, transfer or pipette the specimen into any other container.It requires limited human intervention or interpretation, therefore minimizingrisk of human error. The Urine Rapid Drug Test Device The cups lockinglid eliminates tampering and leaking. On activating the cup device thespecimen is stored in the 3rd chamber where it remains leak proof andtamperproof for transport to the laboratory for further testing if required.The Urine cup includes a temperature strip and also tests for adulterants.The system can be tailored for each client and can test for the most prevalentdrugs.The Data platform is an industry leading IT platform that links with theProprietary Urine cup rapid test cups and results via a QR Code, allowing forreal time test data collection into secure, cloud or on-premise Data Server,providing a paperless, tamper proof, end-to-end, drug testing managementand administration solution with secure chain of custody tracking.All data transfer and data storage is fully encrypted.

The Urine Cup and Data solution software for Drug Testing Solutions is asimple and powerful, secure and reliable, paperless, tamper-proof, end-to-end,drug testing management and administration solution.The Urine cup rapid test device has patented tamper proof and leak proof features.• When the test cup is activated, it provides a drugs-of-abuse test result within a minute.• After activation, the Urine test cup becomes a secure, leak proof and tamper proofspecimen storage container for transport to laboratory for confirmatory testing and storageif required.• Enhances enforcement capabilities and ensures reliable test results, control proceduresand chain-of-custody.• The ICT system is compatible with contemporary technology application like RFID tags,2D/3D barcode, imaging, etc.• The Company is producing the Urine cup rapid test device in many countries.• Patented product• Medical Device Certification granted in a few countries already. Pending in others.• ISO 13485 Certification granted.• Certificate of free sale granted for the USA and Mexico.• The Urine rapid-test device has software data management and an administration systemthat it can integrate with for real time recording of secure drug test data.This IT Platform data provides a simple way for Governments, Drug Enforcement Agencies,Companies and Clinics to efficiently conduct secure, fair, tamper-proof drug testing programs.The United States is requiring all drug test results done by laboratories or corporateReporting agencies be done electronically by 2025, eliminating the paper shuffle andStorage that is the current obsolete solution.Finger print and arm patch testing is still a long ways away from being reliable and isNot standing up in court 100%. This new Ai technology can be the accepted new standardWithout interrupting the current accepted process for years to come.Millions to be made, we have 7 purchase commitments from several countries and a largeSales order that will pay back the investment.Funds will be used to build an automation facility in Arizona for the cups, and acquire thePatents on the Ai technology software. Our 1st order will allow investment payback in 24Months with a high ROI to the investors. (12 month lead time to build factory)

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